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the mandyville

Mandyville Hotel is now The Mandyville

We had a name change, but we still offer superior accommodation and conferencing with top service.

When we first opened our accommodation establishment, we named it Mandyville Hotel.

Back then the system allowed us to call ourselves a hotel, and although we are strictly not a hotel, we offered the same level of comfort (even better) with excellent service.

The name suited our ambition to offer the best accommodation in Jeffreys Bay.

But the law changed, leaving us high and dry with a name we no longer were allowed to use.

So what do you do?

Well, it's simple...

Change the name.

After all, what's in a name?

When it comes to accommodation, everything.

That's why, despite the change from Mandyville Hotel to The Mandyville, we're still committed to having the best name in the Jeffreys Bay accommodation space.

As always, we still offer accommodation, as well as a conference facility.

Book accommodation

We have twelve 4-star accommodation units available, and one of them will most certainly be just what you're looking for.

Click here to head over to our rooms page and check availability.

Book the conference facility

If you're looking for a phenomenal conference facility a mere stone's throw from the beach, you can only do well by enquiring about The Mandyville's conferencing.

We can handle up to 40 attendees and arrange the room in a variety of ways to help you glide through a conference with confidence.

Click here to view our conference packages.

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