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5 Things Mandyville Focuses on When you Stay with Them


This article was submitted by a guest that is reviewing five top things that he can recall Mandyville focused on when he stayed at the hotel.


Everlasting travel memories are the ones where your stay over at an hotel and you're treated like royalty. The Mandyville Hotel is an establishment where I experienced this first hand. Blending into the neighborhood, this beautiful boutique hotel is inviting and beautifully situated within walking distance of the Jeffreys Bay main beach and downtown (restaurants and nightlife) which makes it popular for so many people to come back to. But surely, it is not only the outside that is attractive and appealing, it's their customer/guest service that keeps them ahead of the pack.

Here is a list of things I picked up that I would like to mention.

  • A warm welcome. This is so important because it creates a foundation for what visitors will experience from that very first moment and as they say… first impressions last. These people have the ability, when you enter the door, to make you feel that you are the one and only visitor for the day and will have in the near future. The moment they greet you, you experience a sense of empathy and genuineness and within it all they make you feel comfortable, important and at home.
  • Décor with attention to detail and a lovely presentation. What strikes you when you enter the Mandyville hotel is the luxury and detail of the décor. For not one moment you will experience something out of place and overall… every small detail testify of excellent taste and careful planning - from the front door right through to every room and smallest space which your foot will tread.
  • Cleanliness, which is very important in the hospitality industry. One thing about detail is that you have to keep your hand on it. One can see the evidence of routine cleaning with everything which are in place. Dining room tables are set and ready for the next meal. Bedrooms and bathrooms are serviced which makes you wonder if they keep a secret eye on you to quickly clean before you get back.
  • Efficiency which comes through good team work. Hats off for people who have to be at their best performance at all time. Total efficiency in such an environment can mostly be read when you come aware of the link between management, front desk, cleaning personnel, waiters and kitchen staff who performs tops morning, noon and night and hand in hand. This will only be evident through reviews and visitors coming back again and again and spreading the word.
  • Timeliness, delivery when promised. When breakfast is at 7.00 it must be ready on time. Most people are relaxed when they stay over at an accommodation, but nevertheless, punctuality still impress and even more when people expect it least.

The moment they decided to start piecing together this property, adding each little detail, Mandyville Hotel set themselves apart that makes them one of the top accommodation providers in Jeffreys Bay. I think most of the visitors will agree with me that the staff really go out of their way to make your stay a memorable one, from the moment you arrive until the time you have to bid a somewhat reluctant goodbye.

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